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Synonyms for dust cover

a paper jacket for a book

a large piece of cloth used to cover furniture that is not in use for a long period

a removable plastic protective covering for a piece of equipment

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Mr Wilson said Florprotec, which supplies products ranging from dust covers to heavy duty protective covers to be used in the construction industry, could also enter the residential as well as the commercial market.
The author's childhood was affected by decisions which made for an environmental crime: LEFT IN THE DUST covers the city of Los Angeles's creation of, cover-up of, and inadequate attempts to repair the dustbowl it created from poor management decisions and corruption.
Peter Sotheran, chairman of the trustees, said: "We are making this a special visitors weekend before we pull on the dust covers for the winter.
The yellow/black color scheme makes for high visibility in a cluttered workshop, lighted switches enable easy power status checks, extra-long cords simplify work setup, built-in outlet dust covers keep outlets clean, and cord guides along the outside edges allow for tidy storage.
Constructed of denim with polyurethane coating, dust covers are also offered to protect the power supply when the system is not in use.
The HPM series has strong potential in bearing dust covers, according to Armando Sardanopoli, product development and technical service manager.
Removable canvas dust covers are fitted at the head and beyond the magnet area.
Keith Tyson, of Oaston Road, Nuneaton, was at the town's hospital to have veins on his neck scanned when he noticed dust covers on a ward's fire sensors.
Nozzles are protected from contamination by dust covers that automatically lift off under the pressure of the water jets when the eyebath starts operating.
The proposed standard includes tests for seating areas and dust covers, relying heavily on the flame resistance of upholstery fabrics.
The material details Sly Pleat Jet II Horizontal Dust Covers, which employ a specially engineered venturi pulse cleansing system.
The car is being kept under dust covers at a secret garage in North London while its fate is decided.
Now the sleek motor is being kept under dust covers at a secret North London garage while its fate is decided.
That's what we're making - very lightweight dust covers,'' Wurts said.
A line of adapters, cleaning tools, dust covers, and test kits are available to round out the product line.