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But last year he decided to finish the 48,000-word treatise on dust clouds in space.
In April 2007, the team simultaneously pointed both Keck telescopes at the star 51 Ophiuchi, or 51 Oph, and used the Interferometer's Nuller, a technique to combine the incoming light in a particular way, to block the unwanted starlight of 51 Oph and measure faint adjacent signals from the dust cloud surrounding the star.
These analyses confirm that intense dust cloud exposure was associated with new asthma diagnoses for each eligibility group, including the 1,913 passersby who only had exposure to the area air and dust on September 11," the authors write.
As important as drifting soil particles might be to air-pollution standards, some hitchhikers in those dust clouds may be even more dangerous.
The department analysed the contents of filters island-wide, from samples taken on September 7 and 8 -- the days on which the dust cloud was most severe.
A GRANDMOTHER is fighting for her life after being choked by a freak Saharan dust cloud.
By comparing the Chandra data to prior images of dust clouds detected by the Mopra radio telescope in Australia, the researchers determined that each ring was created by the X-ray reflections off a different dust cloud.
Sha'ban 30, 1436, June 17, 2015, SPA -- New data collected by NASA's LADEE mission confirms the presence of a large, lopsided dust cloud surrounding the moon, according to UPI.
Astronomers at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn have been studying a massive dust cloud in the heart of the Milky Way, hoping to find the existence of molecules that are the very building blocks of life.
THIS is the dramatic moment workers ran from an engulfing dust cloud - moments after demolishing an eight-storey high Birmingham residential tower block.
Assuming a dust cloud as high as the Moon, this equals an average particle density of 17.
Could it be a case of every dust cloud has a silver lining?
LIVING in London I'm surprised that I'm still alive, such is the scaremongering over the Saharan dust cloud over the city.
Minimum Ignition Temperature, dust Cloud (MIT-cloud)
But to have an explosion, the dust needs to burn all at once, which requires it to be well mixed with oxygen, and that only happens in a dust cloud.