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Synonyms for duster

a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand

a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles

a piece of cloth used for dusting

a pitch thrown deliberately close to the batter

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Mr Campbell said the diamond dust cloth would sell for pounds 1,500 to pounds 1,600 a metre if it went on sale, but added: "It won't be commercially available.
The library closed for the day, and everyone came to work in scruffy clothes, grabbed dust cloths and cleaning supplies, and shined the place up a bit.
Clean Antibacterial Wipe-Ups" disinfectant wipes and its "Swiffer" electrostatically charged dust cloths.
She wears a house dress with dust cloth tied about her head and is carrying broom, dustpan, and brushes.
Turn the piece upside down and, if there's a dust cloth, rip it off.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Saw Dust Cloth Yellow And Glass Polish
Everyone chipped in to help and the quips and backchat from Nick and Co make the programme more watchable than most, but there is only so much paint action one person can watch before being overcome with the urge to cover the telly with a dust cloth.
John Barr was kicked, punched, stamped on and suffocated after a yellow dust cloth was stuffed into his mouth, coroner John Leckey was told.
Clean wood or linoleum floors daily with a specially treated dust cloth and mop cover.
Instructional equipment items (details in Annex about lots) training shirt (beige) Shirt education (desert) training shirt (forest) instruction beige costume, costume color mosaic of instruction (forest) Scarf dust cloth, silicone allergenic feather pillows, sleeping bag, instructional Short (naval forces) Short instruction (forest) training cap (beige) Cap instruction (desert) instruction Cap (forest) shirt color mosaic (desert); shirt mosaic of colors (forest).
Clear the clutter: GATHER up schoolbooks, toys, papers etc and run the dust cloth over the tables.
Invest in some electrostatic dust cloths or use slightly damp dusters to pick up more dust.
Post testers recommend these do-it-yourself dust cloths, and we think Mother Nature does, too.
They will make great dust cloths and oil rags for the motor.