dust bag

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a bag into which dirt is sucked by a vacuum cleaner

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The line is also appointed with automatic cord rewind, an electronic dust bag indicator and an adjustable telescopic tube.
5 litre 'Swirl MicroPor Y50' dust bag (not everyone likes to watch the dirt swirling around
The researchers found that the Salmonella bacteria can survive for up to 65 days in a dust bag and can infect a child throughout this time.
For both inlet and outlet systems, independent dust bag units are recommended.
s-bag[R] is a high-tech innovation and the first dust bag in the world using Ingeo[TM].
Shopping from our site is made easy for clients by guaranteeing the authenticity of the product with its original box, hologram, serial number, care card, dust bag etc.
THE trouble with most electric sanders is that the dust goes everywhere, even if there's a dust bag.
The date code is stamped on the underside of the sander where the dust bag is inserted.
The company says both models incorporate a lightweight, ergonomic design to reduce vibration and noise, as well as five-hole pad design, internal fan and dust bag for quick pick-up and longer sandpaper life.
The Blower Should Be Supplied Along With Standard Accessories, Nozzle And Dust Bag, Supply From Oem / Authorised Dealers Only Will Be Accepted.
READERS' TIPS Prevent your vacuum cleaner picking up metal pins, clips and money by taping a magnet to the front of the cleaner or the outside of the tube, thus stopping anything metal getting into the dust bag and damaging it.
Filtration begins with a three-layer HEPA dust bag trademarked as MicronAir, said to permit greater suction at lower speed.
Features: Dual Cyclone Technology, the winning formula that made Dyson his millions and abolished the dust bag for good.
7-amp double insulated motor and the company says features include easy belt changes, large dust bag, a non-conductive, corrosion resistant polycarbonate housing and front grip for better control.