durum wheat

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wheat with hard dark-colored kernels high in gluten and used for bread and pasta

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The contract has as its object the supply of durum wheat semolina 500 gr.
Exporting 1 tonne of Durum wheat also equals the importing of 2 tonnes of other types of wheat, without increasing the cultivated lands for the crop.
The researchers' objective was to evaluate how peanut flour, substituted for durum wheat flour at 30%, 40% and 50% levels, would influence the quality of the final cooked product.
The third group included most of the genotypes (13 durum breeding lines along with 2 durum wheat check cultivars) that was further divided into sub-clusters.
Imtiaz Muhammad illustrated the importance of durum wheat in Pakistan.
PRNewswire/ -- Syngenta announced today that it has acquired Societa Produttori Sementi (PSB), one of Italy's oldest seed companies and a leader in durum wheat breeding and production for pasta.
The sorter is also skilled at separating yellow from brown flax and barley from durum wheat.
Both of these new projects will investigate key aspects of the cell walls in durum wheat, which is commonly used for making pasta.
The agency controls around 14 percent of global wheat exports, including half of the world's exports of durum wheat.
The filling inside each durum wheat flour-based rectangular ravioli features chunks of red lobster meat along with ricotta and mascarpone cheese.
MACARONI One of the earliest forms of pasta, macaroni is made from durum wheat and is shaped in short tubes with holes down the middle.
This work will suit undergraduate and postgraduate students, cereal scientists, agronomists, plant breeders and other players and experts in durum wheat breeding, all over the world.
The extremely popular speciality pasta from Italy, Cipriani, in durum wheat, finds a place here ( Rs 575 for 250 gms).
In durum wheat, 2 significant genes (Nax) for excluding sodium from leaf blades have been identified (Lindsay et al.