durum wheat

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wheat with hard dark-colored kernels high in gluten and used for bread and pasta

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In the present study, we used two sets of different durum wheat genotypes consisting of breeding lines as well as Iranian landraces.
USDA-ARS scientists and colleagues set out to create a soft durum wheat whose kernels could be easily milled into a fine flour, rather than a coarse semolina.
Our objectives in the present study were: to determine the genetic diversity in durum wheat genotypes using ISSR and RAPD markers, and to assess the suitability of the ISSR and RAPD markers for detecting molecular variation.
Imtiaz Muhammad illustrated the importance of durum wheat in Pakistan.
In Ethiopia, durum wheat is currently considered a potential crop by the government for food industry as an import substitution and one means of income diversification for peasant farmers [11].
The first project, in conjunction with the University of Bari, will investigate how the growth of durum wheat affects the levels of starch and dietary fibre within it, and how the fibre levels in pasta can be improved.
Summary: Algeria's soft and durum wheat imports rose 41.
The agency controls around 14 percent of global wheat exports, including half of the world's exports of durum wheat.
High variation among Jordanian durum wheat landraces was found indicating high level of diversity (Rawashdeh et al.
The filling inside each durum wheat flour-based rectangular ravioli features chunks of red lobster meat along with ricotta and mascarpone cheese.
Import duties for durum wheat, high quality soft wheat, maize, sorghum and rye have already been set at zero.
This work will suit undergraduate and postgraduate students, cereal scientists, agronomists, plant breeders and other players and experts in durum wheat breeding, all over the world.
In durum wheat, 2 significant genes (Nax) for excluding sodium from leaf blades have been identified (Lindsay et al.
The quintal of barley and triticale is being sold at 30 dinars, that of soft wheat at 35 dinars and that of durum wheat at 43 dinars.