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wheat with hard dark-colored kernels high in gluten and used for bread and pasta

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Though a mix of BHA and BHT provided 12 percent more protection from oxidation, Onyeneho and Hettiarachchy believe improved separation techniques may eventually yield durum extracts that match or exceed the protection offered by such synthetic antioxidants.
and there will still be latent demand for whole wheat, durum, semolina, bulgur, farina, and other wheat flour made in flour mills excluding flour mixes at the aggregate level.
Regarding cereal yield, Ben Romdhane pointed out that the average yield of durum wheat varies between 10 and 29 quintals per hectare (ha) in the north, between 12 and 24 quintals / ha in the center and 6 Quintals / ha in the southern regions.
So, we understand the interest in this study which is to identify and analyze the variability of four varieties of durum wheat in water deficit in order to identify performance genotypes and that could be adapted in the region of study and to determine suitable selection criteria for selecting genotypes tolerant to draught stress conditions.
The researchers' objective was to evaluate how peanut flour, substituted for durum wheat flour at 30%, 40% and 50% levels, would influence the quality of the final cooked product.
Currently, there is a high demand by both commercial and small-scale farmers for durum wheat with high grain yield and better end-use quality to meet the increasing demand of durum wheat grain processors in Ethiopia.
Using 'non-GM' crop breeding techniques, scientists from CSIRO Plant Industry have introduced a salt-tolerant gene into a commercial durum wheat, with spectacular results shown in field tests.
43 million bushels of hard red spring and durum wheat from Canada during 2008-09.
Summary: Tunisia has launched a tender to buy 84,000 tonnes of optional-origin durum for shipment between Dec.
We're coming to the end of durum stocks and there are a lot of worries in terms of availability and quality-we're scraping the bottom of the barrel," said Nigel Singh, UK commercial manager for Pasta Lensi, the big gest own-label pasta supplier in the world.
Now, a new germplasm line of durum, dubbed DGE-1, has been developed that contains a pair of chromosomes from a wild grass, Lophopyrum elongatum, that impart scab resistance.
Ingredients are durum wheat flour, durum bran, water, canola oil and salt.