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sorghums of dry regions of Asia and North Africa

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In order to accelerate production of the Mona and Durra fields, OMV will install temporary production facilities, which are expected to come into operation during the second quarter 2011.
You can hear more from Anne-Marie Faiola and Matthew Durra, plus meet the official Tweeter for Starbucks, by attending the Social Media Conference NW on March 25 at McIntyre Hall in Mount Vernon.
In addition to increased educational opportunities, some organisations have established networking organisations specifically targeting businesswomen, such as MENA Businesswomen's Network and Durra.
One example is sorghum, which is also known as milo, durra, or broomcorn.
The Al Durra hospital in Gaza City was hit on Tuesday, and a day later three mobile clinics run by a Danish charity, DanChurchAid, were destroyed.
Pleasing the eye as much as the soul, Durra varied his techniques using water color, acrylic paint and charcoal.
Charlton, Jeromy Durra (his supervisor of 10 years) and the Gastony crew spent two days prior to the shutdown prepping the job site.
May Hill founder Henry Durra said: "The group was formed to provide an efficient marketing solution for producers with high animal welfare standards.
The keynote speaker at the workshop, Disaster Housing Chief Roy Durra with the state of Florida's Emergency Response Team detailed lessons learned during previous disasters.
The University of Maine uses Honeywell's HVAC controls to remotely monitor and adjust temperatures in the durra, which reduces maintenance calls and energy consumption.
Polymeropoulos MH, Lavedan C, Leroy E, Ide SE, Dehejia A, Durra A, et al.
In addition, Durra and Dunn clearly indicate that a person possibly could have more than one perceptual strength.
Almost anaesthetised, because who can forget the image of Mohammed Durra, a terrified 12 year old who died in his father's arms caught in the crossfire of a gun battle between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers, or the lone high heeled shoe, laying amidst blood and body parts, where only moments before there had been a lively pizza parlour, packed with young Israelis enjoying an evening out.
We also want to make major investments in petrochemical companies that will make us part of their control group, thus allowing us take part in running them," Durra says.