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Synonyms for durian

tree of southeastern Asia having edible oval fruit with a hard spiny rind

huge fruit native to southeastern Asia 'smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven'

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Many of the other durian trees in the farm are suffering from die-back disease.
ON DECEMBER 7, 2015 we came face to face with a majestic 30-year-old durian tree in a 36-hectare farm owned by the Dimaporo family in Matungao, Lanao del Norte.
Young durian trees need an annual rainfall of 1,500 millimeters because its root system is very shallow.
1(a) durian trees in the plantation have a small number of branches and leaves near the ground.
The power to control economic or productive space is witnessed in Malaysia in the marking of durian trees as part of the family legacy by the orang asli, the development of new rubber plantations, the rise of a modern complex of government buildings, and the expansion of a high-tech engineering corridor.
The reason for this, Miculob said, was that farmers could start harvesting cacao in three years while durian trees would only start to bear fruit five years after planting.
At present, 215 hills of robust coconut trees, 1,900 hills of cacao, 500 hills of banana, 28 durian trees, some lanzones and other fruit trees are thriving on his land.