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Synonyms for durative

the aspect of a verb that expresses its duration

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As mentioned above, the soil was sampled from a durative water-logged field, which was air dried before use and then re-flooded (i.
3) In order to distinguish different temporal contours of a situation a verb in Bhujal may inflect, along with tense and PNR inflections, for five subcategories of aspects: past-perfective, perfect, completive, durative and habitual.
Activities are thus durative and unbounded, and can be schematically illustrated as a zigzag line in Figure 1.
That is to say, "instead of actors performing on a stage, there are increasing numbers of statements of the existence of things" with action that "tends to be durative, not momentaneous" and "one state of affairs [prevails] until replaced by another" (80).
Linguists from many countries consider such aspects as event decomposition and the syntax and semantics of durative phrases in Chinese, reference to embedded eventualities, event quantification and distribution, and verbs of creation.
The desire to (symbolically) kill a parent, familiar and durative in mythic form, does not distinguish the current adolescent generation from the one that came before it, but the violence in which contemporary youth offenders engage.
From the "Preface" to the "Conclusion," Pater emphasizes the durative process of searching far above the need for any final answers.
The idea of generational bonding not only connects family members to each other, but also provides the political with the durative capacity to sustain itself into an unknown future.
For example, Spanish reflexive pronouns were coded as REF, the durative suffix -ndo as DUR, and articles and other functional elements as discussed in Curtiss, Schaeffer, Sano, MacSwan, and Masilon (1996).
Inceptive, cessative, durative, imperfective and semelfactive, are some of the other aspects in Navaho - with a different paradigm of every verb steam for each.
Endovascular reconstruction of the primary parent vessel with the PED is a safe, durable and durative treatment of selected wide-necked brain aneurysms.
a durative or stative situation without an end-point, which is terminated by an accomplishment or achievement, i.
In (9) a notion of durative temporal space might be entertained as a setting for a meeting (vast ems '[to happen] to meet; to meet repeatedly'), indicating that the non-finite form conveys a notion of continuous or ongoing action.
When the focus constituent is a durative adverbial, however, as in (22)-(24), deja/gia implicate that the period in question is longer than one might have expected.
A durative drought in Australia caused the decline of raw milk and dairy products and an excessive sloppy weather also influenced dairy production in New Zealand.