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Synonyms for durative

the aspect of a verb that expresses its duration

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While no definitive answer can be provided, two aspects of the title merit attention: the conjugation of "transmit" in the durative predicate and the inverted viral temporality suggested by the ordering of "AIDS" before "HIV.
However, as argued above, Johanna Takala's presence forces us to pay attention the duration of the event itself, that is, the durative event during which politics, subjectification, and emancipatory education takes place, which is not clearly present in Ranciere's political philosophy.
Devevre and Horwath (2000) sampled the soil in the autumn from an ongoing rice straw residue management trial following open-field burning of rice residues, whereas we sampled soil from a durative water-logged paddy field.
All pairs schematize the temporal event structure as built up around one event, either durative or punctual, represented in Figure 3, e.
Quirk & Wrenn (1957: 86) mention a tendency for the infinitive to be used "with verbs of motion, rest, and observation, often with durative aspect".
Autre exemple de suppression de la contrainte grammaticale (imparfait francais a valeur causative et durative) au profit d'une lexicalisation de cette double valeur par le verbe commencer a qui implique une valeur durative au proces exprime par le verbe predicatif qui le suit (tourner sur lui-meme) et signifie aussi que c 'est parce que l, arbre commence a tourner sur lui-meme que les enfants entendent un grincement:
In one sense the use of "always," along with the repetition of "still," ("she still rode about every morning" and "sometimes we left the bathing pool at midday, sometimes we stayed till late afternoon" is iterative and durative, implying continuity over a certain duration of time in the past.
So linked is it to an organic, aboriginal ontology, that keeping it real / reel serves as both durative position and ensuing ideal.
After that water were added into the solutions at a rate of 2 drops/min with durative stirring.
However, when subsumed within the way, the pattern supplies these verbal predicates with a durative, progressive feature which is not inherent in them.
Here we find Peters employing a durative rather than a quantitative analysis of the relationship between divine power and human freedom.
They normally also reject the durative aspect, presumably because their perspective is already focused on the ongoing state.
12) Gole's criticism is in line with a prevalent criticism of the modernization theory which distinguishes between durative or chronological time and assimilationist time (the time required to produce full assimilation).
Among the different modes of construing time, as proposed by Evans (2004), we find, for example, a Duration Sense (with durative aspect), an Agentive Sense (in which time is personified), a Measure-System Sense (where time is a unit of calculation), etc.
Kahn who has argued that in the case of the Greek we cannot really speak about the true existential uses of einai, because all the Greek uses classified intuitively as such are in fact underpinned either by veridical, durative, or locative value of the verb to be: "the most fundamental value of einai when used alone (without predicates) is not 'to exist' but 'to be so', 'to be the case', or 'to be true'.