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The mean V3 durations in the word types represented by tikadon and vikatoks are 73 ms and 71 ms respectively.
A further inference from the above results is that life insurers may even be unable to perform macrohedging because the duration of the policy reserve liability on a life insurer's balance sheet is a weighted average of individual reserve durations and thus may have an abnormal value as well.
Overall, about 58 percent of men and 50 percent of women had no change in their self-reported nightly sleep duration during the study period.
We use the Hull-White model to compute the option-adjusted durations of bonds with embedded options.
Jeffrey Gundlach, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of DoubleLine Capital LP, and Vitaliy Liberman, a portfolio manager on DoubleLine's mortgage-backed securities team, are the portfolio managers of the DoubleLine Long Duration Total Return Bond Fund ("the Fund").
Greater changes in sleep duration appear to negatively influence memory in older adults.
Alternatively, the above results can be used to determine the sample size, n, on which the quarantine duration must be based to ensure that the quarantine failure rate is less than [pi] with x% certainty.
In ACN/2, moderate increase in temperature for a given duration of air aging causes a drastic fall in G.
These employment outcomes include the probability of being employed and the duration of periods of employment.
The fact that differences among groups in responding to the cover cue during the latter phase were restricted to conditions with the longest CS and cover-cue durations (Tables 4 & 5) suggests that responding to the cover cue may have been sensitive to the effects of trial duration or US presentation rate (see General Discussion) in both phases of the study for this cue.
In the current duration approach, data on the frequency of sexual intercourse, the duration of the menstrual cycle during the attempt at pregnancy, and environmental exposures can be collected with virtually no recall bias.
A variety of practices that are among the BFHI certification criteria and that mothers experienced on maternity wards--feeding breast milk exclusively, rooming in, first suckling within one hour, breast-feeding on demand, absence of pacifiers and no provision of free infant formula--were also significantly and positively associated with median durations of exclusive, full and any breast-feeding.
An expectation of falling rates favors the purchase of securities with long durations that will provide an investment portfolio with maximum capital gains.
Among the 20 immunologic responders, the median duration of the second complete response has not been reached after nearly 3 years of follow-up (durations range from 20+ to 51+ months) and in every case, the second remissions have been longer than the initial remissions," commented Dr.
32), the author says that the durations of vowels a, e and i at phrase-final position are much longer in case of speaker NS than in case of speaker NE.