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ONSF has also been performed in cases of sight threatening papilledema secondary to dural sinus thrombosis or intracranial mass.
Early Seizures in Cerebral Vein and Dural Sinus Thrombosis Risk Factors and Role of Antiepileptics.
In Figure 6, the initial CT of the vein of Labbe and transverse dural sinus thrombosis and hemorrhagic venous infarct was interpreted as right temporal lobe hemorrhage with subdural hematoma with concern for an underlying arteriovenous malformation.
Non-parenchymal CNS involvement mainly presents with intracranial hypertension due to dural sinus thrombosis.
The dispersion of the number of dural sinus thrombosis was also noted (Table-3).
Intracranial venous and dural sinus thrombosis due to protein S deficiency in a patient with AIDS.
The nodules associated with sinus pericranii can connect from anywhere on the skull or scalp--including in the midline of the forehead--through the intracranial dural sinus (usually the saggital sinus).
This condition is also referred to as cortical venous, cerebral sinus, cerebral venous sinus, or dural sinus thrombosis.
Superior vena cava syndrome, Budd-Chiari syndrome, retinal vein thrombosis, dural sinus thrombosis, and mural thrombosis in myocardial sarcoidosis are other examples of venous thrombosis associated with sarcoidosis.
T2*SW-weighed MRI in cortical vein and dural sinus thrombosis.
Their morphology distinguished them from thrombus, which doesn't result in a focal or globular defect but rather segmental absence of flow within the affected dural sinus.
The differential diagnosis for extra-axial masses on CT is the following: acute subdural hematoma; epidural hematoma; foreign body; meningioma; meningeal metastases; dural sinus thrombosis; cortical venous thrombosis; neurosarcoidosis; lymphoma; tuberculosis; dural A-V fistula; and rarely, extramedullary hematopoiesis; leukemia; venous varix; hemangiopericytoma; and malignant tumor.
3,4 Dural AVFs are abnormal arteriovenous connections that are located within the dura mater and involve a dural sinus and/or cortical veins and constitute 10-15% of all intracranial arteriovenous shunts.
No intracranial extension was seen, but the MRI did identify a thrombosis in the adjacent transverse dural sinus that extended to the sigmoid sinus and internal jugular vein (figure 2 A).