durable press

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a fabric that has been chemically processed to resist wrinkles and hold its shape

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Hence, the use of wrinkle free finishes to create durable press ability among the fabric is increasing day by day.
Optimization of ionic crosslinking process: An alternative to conventional durable press finishing.
Cellulose Crease Resistance angle (CRA) Cross Linking Durable Press (DP) DMDHEU Polymaleic Acid (PMA)Poly carboxylic acid (PCA) Sodium Hypophosphite.
Cotton fabric strength loss from treatment with polycarboxylic acids for durable press performance.
Yang, CQ, Bakshi, GD, "Quantitative Analysis of the Nonformaldehyde Durable Press Finish on Cotton Fabric: Acid-Base Titration and Infrared Spectroscopy.
Furthermore, more than 20% reduction in resin add-on produced fabrics with lower durable press properties compared with pad-dry-cured fabrics (Wright, 1981).
The new foam application formula results in increased productivity, improved energy usage as well as improved abrasion resistance and fabric strength, and reduced chemical usage without compromising durable press ratings.
Since the 1950s, ARS scientists have played key roles in the research to develop durable press treatments, usually called permanent press, that give cotton and cotton blends wrinkle resistance.
The patent, "Treating Cellulose Textile Fabrics with Dimethylol Dihydroxy Ethylene Urea Polyol," covers Sequa durable press products and "Permafresh" resins.
With 23 models to choose from, all Pelican Storm Cases feature the company's unique durable Press & Pull latches, which open smoothly--yet hold fast when the case is taking a beating.