durable press

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a fabric that has been chemically processed to resist wrinkles and hold its shape

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Wei, W, Yang, CQ, "Predicting the Performance of Durable Press Finished Cotton Fabric Using Infrared Spectroscopy.
2]Nwear (Marine/Army/AirForce/Navy), not in the sense of gender, but as an acronym for multiservice application and defined as: "Extremely durable, lightweight and fire resistant nonwoven multiservice-based fabric possessing physical properties with a high degree of air permeability, durable press appearance, comfort characteristics, breaking and tearing resistance coupled with the capability to be Silicone Crease-Set, launderable/dry cleanable without the need of undergoing ironing or other after-treatment processes.
Since the 1950s, ARS scientists have played key roles in the research to develop durable press treatments, usually called permanent press, that give cotton and cotton blends wrinkle resistance.
The patent, "Treating Cellulose Textile Fabrics with Dimethylol Dihydroxy Ethylene Urea Polyol," covers Sequa durable press products and "Permafresh" resins.
With 23 models to choose from, all Pelican Storm Cases feature the company's unique durable Press & Pull latches, which open smoothly--yet hold fast when the case is taking a beating.