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Synonyms for durable

Synonyms for durable

existing or remaining in the same state for an indefinitely long time

Synonyms for durable

existing for a long time

capable of withstanding wear and tear and decay


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very long lasting

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6% in industrial production in the euro area in October 2015, compared with September 2015, is due to production of durable consumer goods rising by 1.
8%, while production of durable consumer goods fell by 0.
Reduced growth of spending on durable goods, due to the diminished sensitivity of this spending to consumer and mortgage interest rates, is one factor that helps explain the moderate pace of the current recovery.
And, with the Reserve Bank of India cutting key rates, marketers feel this will lower interest rates and therefore augurs well for the consumer durable finance space.
In sharp contrast, retailers in durable goods and semi-durable goods reported that the growth in their sales volumes remained lively.
One reason that economists watch durable goods consumption is that it leads GDP over the business cycle.
C'est le 26 juin 2008 que la toute premiere Loi federale sur le developpement durable (LFDD) (1) a recu la sanction royale.
Market research firm GfK has published a report on consumer durable products that are forecast to be the most popular gifts for Christmas 2006.
The plant will be located next door to MG's advanced metal recycling operations METRAN and will be between large feedstocks from the durable goods recycling infrastructure developing in Western Europe and the growing manufacturing and plastics molding base in Eastern Europe.
As a building material, bamboo has many incredible properties its resilient, flexible, durable and ecologically sound.
In a seminal article Coase [1972] shows that a monopolist which sells a durable product faces a credibility or commitment problem with buyers.
A durable power of attorney remains effective until the principal revokes it or dies.
In addition to allowing for continuity of management and safeguarding the principal's assets in the event of incapacity, a durable power of attorney can be particularly useful for estate and other tax planning purposes.
The Ministry pointed out that from January to March of 2001 Indonesia imported durable consumer goods valued at US$44.
The company has announced the use of a new, more durable, faster material - Cibatool SL 5440 - for use in its SLA 500 solid imaging system.
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