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the outermost (and toughest) of the 3 meninges

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Founded in 1986, Dura Coat operates two coatings manufacturing plants in Riverside, California and Huntsville, Alabama.
Axalta is already familiar with the marketplace for the types of coil sheets which benefit from Dura Coat products.
The ideal dural substitute should prevent cerebrospinal fluid leaks, have strength and flexibility similar to human dura matter, present little or no risk of infection and not induce a severe inflammatory response," said Frederick F.
In addition, six months after surgery, the cerebrospinal fluid leak rate with Synthecel Dura Repair was zero and no adhesions were observed.
Dura Composites will be doing just that at the inaugural three-day Outdoor Design Build & Supply show, the statement said.
1) To the best of our knowledge, sac herniation into the temporal lobe and overlying dura has not been previously described.
A native of Akita Prefecture, Tani received dura mater in 1989 when she was treated for myelopathy, a disease affecting the spinal cord, at the Otsu hospital.
The move is seen as a response to complaints by lawyers representing a group of CJD patients that the ministry delayed issuing a recall for dura mater -- the fibrous membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord -- despite knowing for years of a link between dura mater and CJD.
The following companies are the major competitors of Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 28, 2016-Axalta Coating Systems to Acquire Paint Maker Dura Coat Products
I am pleased to be named chairman of DURA, and I'd like to thank Steven for his contributions to the organization as chairman during the formation of our new organization," said Leuliette.
Commenting further, Leuliette said: "I also want to thank Nick Preda for his contributions as interim CFO, as DURA completed its financial restructuring.
DURA is now a lean, globally balanced technology leader.
His experience in the global marketplace will help DURA move forward, as we enhance our global competitiveness and grow profitably.
Leuliette, who was elected chairman of DURA upon its emergence from bankruptcy on June 27, 2008, will relinquish that role to Steven Gilbert.