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com)-- "Duplicator controller is the brain of a duplicator which controls the read, write and other viable interfacing functions of a duplicator.
A digital duplicator is used for high-volume print jobs but is much faster and cheaper compared to toner-based copiers while a collating machine is used for faster way to organize handouts, booklets and tests.
2 Duplicator Grade Rainbow 100 Pack is packaged in stackable cake boxes for easy storage and access to blank media.
Discmatic has announced the release of an enhanced version of the innovative ONYX 100-disc CD duplicator, which features 12x drives and a new processor that combine to significantly boost copying speed.
According to the company, the core logic for both units is stored on an advanced flash ROM rather than the PC components and operating systems that can cause reliability problems in some duplicators.
The company manufactures both duplicators and printer autoloaders in a price range of $1,700 to $10,000 and currently has about 21,000 units in operation.
But now we're seeing new technologies like the Internet and CD-ROM duplicators play a role," Boulton said.
Design facilities, duplicators, tracer lathes, precision-forming grinders, EDM, jig-boring machines and pantograph engraving equipment.
Virtual Console products include: ISDN and PSTN phone line simulators, PRI simulators, Bulk Call generators, Flash Memory duplicators, Custom Encryption Platforms, Appointment Reminders and Call Recorders.
Media Maven Plus Duplicator gives you the convenience of two duplicators in one helping you to get more done in less time
per case, long grain, #4 grade or better (for use in copiers, duplicators, laser printers, and ink jet printers)
For more than 30 copies, up to a few thousand, digital duplicators can handle most jobs with speed and ease.
We've responded with the Composer, offering similar features and functionality as duplicators costing two to four times as much," said Mark D.
Van Son Digital will initially focus and build upon three particular segments of the widespread digital printing industry with its inks and peripheral products for digital duplicators, wide-format ink jet printers and desktop ink jet printers.
Boffin Limited has announced a new family of CD duplicators that makes copying CDs as simple as pressing a button, the company says.