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In addition to their full line of duplicators and burners, they also offer dual layer DVDs, clear DVD cases, VHS tapes, DVD labels, MiniDV cassettes, and much more.
2 Duplicator Grade Rainbow 100 Pack is packaged in stackable cake boxes for easy storage and access to blank media.
The company manufactures both duplicators and printer autoloaders in a price range of $1,700 to $10,000 and currently has about 21,000 units in operation.
But the availability of low-cost duplicators opens a new market to software counterfeiters, making it even cheaper for operators following in Captain Blood's boot prints to do plenty of damage.
Molds built with CNC machining centers, digitizers, and multispindle duplicators.
Bulk call generators, card duplicator, compact flash duplicator, drive duplicator, duplication, isdn simulator, memory card duplicator, memory drive duplicator, pri simulator, pstn phone line simulator, sd duplicator, usb duplicator, call recorder, encryption, appointment reminder
EZ Dupe brand duplicators comes with 3 or 4 year warranty (except certain models with one year warranty) with life time technical support.
Tenders are invited for : Master - original film to digital duplicators
adds its 1x3, 1x7 and 1x11 USB Flash Duplicators line to its disc printers, publishers and duplicators' product group.
Van Son Digital will initially focus and build upon three particular segments of the widespread digital printing industry with its inks and peripheral products for digital duplicators, wide-format ink jet printers and desktop ink jet printers.
The new CF Duplicators by Nexcopy are designed with functionality and ergonomics in mind.
Further features that have not been seen in other series duplicators include memory card sorting before duplication, based on capacity and read/write speed, to achieve higher production efficiency.
The tower flash duplicators available in the market do not offer this feature.
The duplicators are stand-alone disc-to-disc CD-R Duplication systems requiring no PC connection.