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A rare entity, the foregut duplication cyst most often has been identified within the pediatric population.
The gallbladder was shrunken, thick-walled and fistulated into gastric duplication cyst which contained several one centimetre gallstones and pus.
Many patients with a duplication cyst are asymptomatic, but others present with dysphagia secondary to extrinsic compression.
Endoscopic removal of an obstructing duodenal duplication cyst.
The differential diagnosis for an appendiceal mucocele in the right lower quadrant includes mesentric duplication cyst, mesenteric cyst, right ovarian cyst, and right hydrosalpinx.
We report what we believe is only the ninth case of an intralingual fore gut duplication cyst that was lined with gastric mucosa.
Ciliated enteric duplication cyst presenting as a pancreatic cystic neoplasm: report of a case with cyst fluid analysis.
1) Known causes of intussusception in infants and children include lymphoma, lymphoid polyp, Meckel diverticulum, ectopic pancreas, acute appendicitis, leiomyoma, juvenile polyp, polyposis, enterogenous cyst, and duplication cyst.
6) The differential diagnosis of an abdominal cystic mass includes mesenteric cyst, duplication cyst, pancreatic pseudocyst, lymphocele, seroma, cystic lymphangioma, mesenteric abscess, benign cystic teratoma, and cystic spindle cell tumor.
This CT finding is nonspecific, and the differential diagnosis included enteric duplication cyst, ileal diverticulum, nonopacified small bowel, ruptured viscus, and noninflamed Meckel's diverticulum.
The differential diagnosis for RCH includes teratoma, dermoid cyst, duplication cyst (enterogenous cysts), and anal gland cyst.
Congenital cystic diseases of the lung and mediastinum include congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM), bronchopulmonary "sequestration", congenital lobar emphysema, broncogenic cyst, esophageal duplication cysts and neurogenic cysts (1).