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capable of being duplicated

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For instance, the participants answer the question "What percentage of your product mix is nonduplicatable, unique, or exclusive to you, and what is duplicatable (such as Tide, Coke)?
Furthermore, the experimental setting surrounding an experiment may not be duplicatable in later routine practice.
When programs need an unknown but duplicatable capability, they may use a stripped variable [bar][element of].
In recent years, the Trust Fund has developed several single-sheet, easily duplicatable factsheets.
Presentation might not be considered the representative -- or duplicatable -- parish.
The best available surrogate variable was selected for the replication model when the variables in the model were not exactly duplicatable.
As the only state with an ERISA exemption that allows an employer mandate, the Hawaii experience is not duplicatable by another state.
I would say that if a Jewish fiction articulates ideas that are not duplicatable outside of Jewish tradition, then you might be justified in calling that fiction thematically Jewish.
The training is duplicatable and adaptable for any situation and all age groups and walks of life.