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capable of being duplicated

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However, only a rare few finish strong -- developing duplicable success formulas; building strong client bases; and realizing their full potentials.
In their quest for advantages that cannot be easily duplicable by competitors, organizations take actions that run counter to their own normal internal processes with the objective of generating valuable innovations (Bharathi, 2007; Utterback, 1994; Pinto, Fernandez, Martinez & Kauffmann, 2006; Pasquini & Mendes, 2009; Griffy-Brown & Chun, 2007).
In this era of infinitely duplicable digital forms, that may mean trading wealth for the reach of viral distribution--samizdat on steroids.
The online economy is a meshwork of interconnected public and private resources, many of which, earlier held as discrete objects, can now be transformed into digital, duplicable form at little expense to participants.
B], m) is not duplicable, and with the unforgeability proof of S-ECSC in UF-CMA model in section 3.
Las iniciativas actuales dependen del interes personal del cuerpo docente o decursos a corto plazo, ninguno de ellos realmente sostenible o duplicable.
Study any successful company that fields a large number of salespeople, and you'll discover that almost every one of those companies has evolved a well-defined, duplicable selling system.
RDCs share key qualities with other professional dogs, like police dogs, seeing-eye dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs and so on: useful, reliable, predictable, duplicable, expendable.
2011) describe innovation as duplicable knowledge which is new in the context it is introduced to and useful in practice.
3) It is noteworthy that more than one entry mode may apply to a specific value chain activity in a host market, hence duplicable value chain activities can be included as the matrix columns.
While this perhaps allows more movies to be greenlit (albeit of sometimes questionable quality), for obvious reasons this model is not duplicable in publishing (i.
As the anthropologist Marilyn Strathern has argued, one of the most significant legacies of IVF was a new reproductive model, in which 'the natural facts' of sexual reproduction were reimagined as engineerable, duplicable, substitutable, and intervenable.
provides duplicable guidelines for standardized negotiation that would
This integrated strategy provides leverage in historical investigation not duplicable in any singular field.
In the contemporary world, in which surrogates for reality (actual physical things) are provided by "virtual reality" in whose eternal codes everything is infinitely duplicable and there is no more death than life, we are all the more in need of art's "earth," its timeliness and uniqueness, which aesthetic attunement alone enables us to "realize.