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capable of being duplicated

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The WISE Awards recognise pioneering education-related practices from around the world tangible, duplicable and measurable.
In practice, leadership deals with individualized and unique situations that are never exactly duplicable and about which, accordingly, no complete understanding is possible.
With the launch of a simple, duplicable sales system and another great proprietary product such as OsoLean[TM] powder, Associates are well-positioned to grow their businesses and reach this major milestone.
It also has to be original, advanced in Asia, duplicable, theoretically based, and have the recognition of a third party in the its region.
Also, with just a few clicks, easy-to-use, flexible work order templates can be created to address common, duplicable tasks such as password reset and the processing of new hires.
Serious games offer the opportunity to leave the 5 percent retention rates of lectures in the past and approach the 75 percent retention rates of hands-on training, in a safe, inexpensive, easily duplicable, virtual environment.
Another reason for the strength of live events is that technology has rapidly transformed the business in a positive fashion; live is not duplicable, and new social platforms have enabled fans around the globe to get close to their favorite artists.
Lemon stated that the easy, duplicable KickStart(TM) System works to put more money in the new distributor's hands quicker.
These tools all contribute to simple, consistent, and duplicable behaviours by our affiliates.
The strong sales revenue and the 220 percent increase in new distributors are a result of simple, duplicable distributor programs combined with the company's strong marketing support of the flagship "Royal Hawaiian NONI" product which was introduced to the network marketing industry April 14, 1997.
It is a disciplined and duplicable system for building and sustaining long-term growth in network-marketing.
It is pointed that the strategic cooperation will form a partnership between a world-class university and an industry leader of China, which will open up a new duplicable approach for university-enterprise cooperation and promote the economic development and social progress of the nation.
The CMT Missouri facility combined with the Santa Fe Springs facility provide the Company with two major operations that are successful and duplicable.
The board reduces design work with freely downloadable and duplicable board schematics and design files.