duple time

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musical time with two beats in each bar

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That is to distribute the accented syllables in the line regularly: either in duple time (alternate syllables accented), as in the final line of Dante's Commedia:
9) We should also note the use of another type of line, more common in Italian than in Galician--Portuguese, which has five prominence peaks (on syllables 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10) and which breaks from duple time into triple time.
March's X(I)s, nevertheless, have little in common with Chaucer's, other than that the majority of March's lines are in duple time (66%, as compared to Chaucer's 97% and Petrarch's 79%).
13r [#37]) but it is in duple time (cents) and is stylistically close to Louis Couperin's Branle de basque.
Although Franck does not employ some of the more dramatic harmonic devices evident in the music of Gabrieli and Schutz, he does animate his settings with frequent word painting; one particularly effective example involves Franck's mixture of cross relations, suspensions, and sequences with a shift from triple to duple time to create a musical affect of drunkenness for the text "Esset, meine Lieben, und trinket, meine Freunde, und werdet trunken
And why the lurch into duple time at the end of each stanza?
Particularly unfortunate is the arbitrary direction to interpret the Gigue of the Sixth Partita, notated under an archaic duple time signature, in 24/8, following the supposed model of the Gigue from Johann Jacob Froberger's Suite VII, which exists in an alternate triple-time version.