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Synonyms for duple

composed of two parts or things

Synonyms for duple

consisting of or involving two parts or components usually in pairs


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Mayflower's existing bus division Walter Alexander overlaps with Duple's body kit business in the Far East, and Mayflower management have already warned they may need to dispose of Duple to "maintain customer choice".
The simple melody derived from a pentatonic scale and the prevailing dotted rhythm in compound duple meter elicit the feeling of a slow, graceful Korean traditional dance.
end is on C1 / d previous leaf] 11v [#34]: Passemesse G2 / G 12r [#35]: Duo de Mr Bremon / 30 G2 / g 13r [#36]: Duo / 31 G2 / d 13r [#37]: La princesse, Courante [in duple time; cf.
motion, and pulse felt with the tapping of the arms against the side of the body" should read, "The macrobeat pulse can be established through an up/down toes-to-heel (to the heel on the downbeat) or side-to-side motion, and meter felt with the tapping of the arms against the side of the body, twice per pulse in duple meters, three times per pulse in triple.
Ewerhart does discuss tempo relations between duple and triple times in the volume devoted to Psalm 116, but the explanation strikes me as rather sibylline.
Rhythm chants would be based not only on the usual duple and triple meters, but also on unusual meters.
There were nine moods: four "common" of duple, three triple, and two compound.
Recognizing the difficulty of conceptualizing and performing groups of ten, especially when they are set against duple and triple groupings in the other string parts, Ormandy rewrote the passage using triplet sixteenth notes along with straight sixteenth and thirty-second notes (fig.
A topic that regularly surfaces in discussions on the interpretation of Schubert's scores is the applicability of the baroque principle that when dotted duple rhythms appear in a context of triplets, the performer must assimilate them into the prevailing triplet motion.
Even the final movements employ the duple and triplet groupings with many tied notes so common in the Prelude and the Andante.
12 are less clear--the alternative version also features the graceful paired flutes, but Linley now employs compound duple meter and D minor, perhaps more poignant than the common-time D major of the original setting.
It is a syllabic piece in two sections: an air sung gravement in duple meter, and a brief coda sung lightly (leger) in 3/8 meter.
TV fans will recognise the 1958 Bedford Duple Vega SB3 from regular appearances in ITV's Heartbeat - and now the 41-seater bus will be part of Saltburn Food Festival's park and ride scheme.
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The slurs utilized neighboring tones in half and whole steps in duple, triple and quadruple groupings.