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So far, the agency has found that a maze of 338 bank accounts and 224 companies were used by the perpetrators of the ponzi scam, which allegedly duped investors in various states including West Bengal, Odisha and Assam.
Therefore, through this demonstration, we demand the government to take action and return money of duped investors," said a protester, Udit.
say Hi to him" on 23 May that people found out they were duped.
Reiterating that the state's policy initiative was inadequate, the Governor said there was need for more to be done for the thousands of investors duped by Saradha Group's Ponzi scheme.
The nurse who was duped by a prank call from two Australian radio DJs to the hospital treating the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was found hanging, and left three suicide notes.
I have been duped and challenge my father or my brothers to come to Bahrain and face the court.
55 million has been returned to 8,400 of the duped investors.
The fraudster was arrested and upon investigation, it was revealed that he had duped hundreds of other citizens under similar circumstances According to police, dozens of victims have come forward and identified the suspect.
Yesterday Shadow Business Secretary John Denham said the Deputy Prime Minister had duped the public and abused their trust.
The twist in the latest tale for Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) is he is duped and sent to a twisted version of Far Far Away where ogres are hunted and he and Fiona (Cameron Diaz) have never met.
Prosecutors in Belgium is expecting US lender Citibank (NYSE: C) to pay back EUR128m to Belgian customers who claim that they were duped into buying high- risk financial products from failed investment bank Lehman Brothers, Dow Jones has reported citing separate media reports.
The tragedy of those who have been duped sometimes seems to invite mockery.
Annals of gullibility; why we get duped and how to avoid it.
Britain is a nation that has been duped by this Labour Government, and even now it is still being duped, on immigration, asylum reforms, unemployment, guns and knife crime, education, and the general economy, and the Government believes it has done a good job?
Since the election, many people have written, claiming to have been duped by Measure R and its meaning.