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the principal Christian church building of a bishop's diocese


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Congratulate yourself on the walk by heading to the Aperol terrace bar opposite the Duomo where you'll get a different, but almost as pretty, perspective.
No Milan to-do list could leave off a visit to the Duomo - or cathedral - and particularly its rooftop.
Here, near the entry, are Lorenzo Ghiberti's renowned bronze "Gates of Paradise"--the actual 1425-52, nearly 5,000-pound doors that had adorned the Baptistery, opposite the Duomo, until they were replaced (for safekeeping) by copies.
The Duomo keeps in the treasury the Golden Manta of Our Lady of the Letter by the Florentine goldsmith Innocenzo Mangani (1668), finely engraved and decorated over the centuries by numerous votive offerings of precious stones; and a pine cone in rock crystal (10 century) is the reliquary for the lock of hair of Mary of Nazareth.
The Eiffel Tower is synonymous with Paris, and the Duomo in Florence pretty much defines that city's role as the birthplace of the Renaissance.
The ultra-stylish Italians will have undoubtedly been impressed by the cutting-edge fashion on display from the visitors in Duomo Square.
1 DUOMO CATHEDRAL MILAN'S Duomo cathedral is simply breathtaking, an iconic building that is synonymous with the city.
The frantic Piazza Tasso makes for an obvious central hub from which to reach the sights, including the Duomo on the main Corso Italia.
From exclusive access to Milan's iconic Duomo to a performance at the Estates Theatre in Prague, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts take you to a new experience with Backstage with the Arts -- on a private jet.
If you wish to visit the Campo dei Miracoli's other attractions, including the Baptistry, the Duomo and the Duomo Museum, it costs five euros (PS4.
Two jerrycans of shiko, a local brew made from honey, one jerrycan of duomo, which is also made of honey, and one jerrycan of white brew known as mau-hier.
The image appears to show The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower - otherwise better known as the Duomo - in Florence.
The Duomo, the Battistero (Baptistry) and Torre Pendente (Leaning Tower) all stand within the square, drawing flocks of culture vultures.