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Synonyms for duologue

a conversation between two persons

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a part of the script in which the speaking roles are limited to two actors

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In the drama competition students of a similar age will compete in the performance of monologues and duologues.
I'm Just Saying is an exciting performance of new monologues and duologues written by young people from Newcastle.
title also American Contemporary Music for Clarinet and Piano) Three Duologues.
The festival culminates in the public performance of duologues from plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries, including Webster, Dekker, Fletcher, Ford and Middleton.
Frozen's" mordantly oblique tone and structure, divided into 30 shards of time-shifting monologues and duologues, sometimes tests one's patience.
Duets, Duologues, and Black Diasporic Theatre: Djanet Sears, William Shakespeare, and Others.
He sees the vectors of her theatrical imaginary, with their concentration on spare, non-naturalistic, liminal spaces and agonistic, sparring duologues, as establishing an essential symbolic core from which Irish theatre still draws.
Its preponderance of leisurely duologues lets slip its theatrical origins but, still, it is a seductive movie in which the heart definitely rules the head.