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a conversation between two persons

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a part of the script in which the speaking roles are limited to two actors

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Duolog, with headquarters in Dublin and a US base in Silicon Valley, has developed the Socrates platform that configures IP in a standardised way suitable for importing into EDA tools to perform tasks such as sub-system functional verification and validation.
About Duolog Technologies: Duolog Technologies is a leading developer of EDA tools and solutions that address the increasingly complex challenges of IP integration.
Bruton said, The opening of Duolog s new offices in Austin and Dallas is a significant achievement and a clear demonstration of the company s commitment to the market.
This move will allow Duolog to focus on growing and developing sales in the southern states of the US, ultimately supporting the growth of their business back home in Ireland.
About Duolog Technologies: Duolog Technologies is a leading developer of EDA tools that address the increasingly complex challenges of IP integration.
The Duolog technology is a good complement to the Cadence System Realization offerings, helping to reduce lengthy integration time for complex systems in today's application-driven technology environment.
I believe that our customers will reap the benefits of this partnership as we continue to collaborate with Duolog and deliver joint solutions.
We're delighted to bring this great collaboration to the industry," says Mike Smith, Product Manager, Duolog Technologies.
Pinnacle Design Systems will represent Duolog in China, SoAR Solutions in Korea and Maojet Technology Corporation in Taiwan.
Calypto Design Systems, Duolog Technologies, Forte Design Systems, Innovative Logic, Inc.
Duolog Technologies and OCP-IP today announced that Duolog will provide its OCP-Tracker performance analysis tool free of charge to members of OCP-IP.
DUBLIN -- Duolog Technologies, the award-winning developer of IP and SoC integration products, today announced that its Socrates Chip Integration Hub supports key elements of the EDA360 vision recently unveiled by Cadence.
DUBLIN -- Duolog Technologies today announced that its award-winning Socrates chip integration platform can now auto-generate a complete OVM verification environment, using version 1.
Duolog Chip Integration Platform Provides System-Level and Software Views Of Arteris Network-on-Chip (NoC) Architectures
Strongly recommended for aspiring actors of all ages and both genders, On Stage: Short Plays For Acting Students is a compilation of twenty-three short, one-act plays organized into three major categories (monologs, duologs, and comedy sketches) which are especially suited for solo and small cast performances.