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the part of the small intestine between the stomach and the jejunum

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Does not even his obtuseness perceive that this amiable and touching desire to carry out the wishes of the constituent body, must for ever endear him to the hearts and souls of such of his fellow townsmen as are not worse than swine; or, in other words, who are not as debased as our contemporary himself?
Material and method: Twenty normal duodenums were examined.
Our material consisted of 20 whole duodenums (from the pylorus to the duodenal-jejunal transition).
BGs were found in all of the 240 microscope fields examined from the first (superior) anatomical portion of the 20 duodenums studied (100%).
Nonetheless, for 10 duodenums there were BGs in all of the 12 microscope fields examined.
None of the duodenums had BGs in all of the 12 microscope fields.