duodenal ulcer

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a peptic ulcer of the duodenum

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Domestic and international guidelines recommend combined administration with a proton pump inhibitor, especially for patients with a history of gastric or duodenal ulcers.
Conclusion: Advanced age, atherosclerosis, male gender and NSAID administration (particularly aspirin) are the major risk factors of upper Gl hemorrhage in patients with gastric and/or duodenal ulcer.
People with blood type O are about 35 percent more likely to develop duodenal ulcers than those with A, B, or AB.
The commonest indication for surgical intervention in patients with non traumatic surgical disorder was perforated duodenal ulcer.
LOS ANGELES -- Coadministration of daily low-dose aspirin plus celecoxib for 1 week resulted in fewer endoscopically confirmed gastric and/or duodenal ulcers, compared with coadministration with naproxen, Dr.
Empress Michiko on Tuesday was briefed by the chief physician of Princess Kikuko, who is recovering from a fractured left femur and a duodenal ulcer, the Imperial Household Agency said.
It's been convincingly demonstrated that curing the infection will reduce duodenal ulcer recurrence from approximately 75% to 5 % after 1 year.
Over six years of the study, the researchers identified 138 newly diagnosed cases of duodenal ulcer.
Stephen Datena, a specialist in general and critical-care surgery at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, recently operated on an 87-year-old man with a perforated duodenal ulcer, who had a number of other serious medical problems.
Our clinical trial report, Duodenal Ulcer Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2012" provides data on the Duodenal Ulcer clinical trial scenario.
Peptic ulcers can be of two types based on the site of the ulcer: gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
Seeking Indication Expansion for Prevention of Recurrent Gastric or Duodenal Ulcer Caused by Low-Dose Aspirin Therapy and Approval of New Formulation
They told a Westminster inquiry that the life-long haemophiliac was infected with hepatitis C at the Royal Liverpool hospital following a duodenal ulcer operation in November, 1981.