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Synonyms for duodecimal

one part in twelve equal parts

based on twelve

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If we can convert our currency from duodecimal to decimal and, in Sweden, change from driving on the left to driving on the right over a single weekend, it should be possible to tame our wayward spelling.
The defective 2- and 20-series, however, may be analyzed differently, as residues of a duodecimal (based on 12) and of a vigesimal (based on 20) series, respectively.
These principles are based on properties of the decimal system (and perhaps also to a limited extent the duodecimal and vigesimal systems) of counting, and on successive division by 2 in the case of principle 39.
The multiplication of the number of currencies existing in Europe was briefly checked only by the Carolingians after 780 AD with the introduction of the duodecimal system (the livre-lira-pound system, which persisted in Britain until 1971 in the form of [pounds].