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small brownish European songbird

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BIRDS nest at dierent levels and though dunnocks, blackbirds and robins may be happy setting up home in the thicket growth of the hedge, others prefer something a bit more elevated.
After Placing the ship in an excellent location to take on charter assignments in southeast Asia and Australia, DMS Dunnock will be transferred in Singapore in January 2013.
Readers will be familiar with the Dunnock, the little grey-and-chestnut garden visitor that feeds beneath bushes around the edge of the garden.
Weetslade Court at Dunnock Place off Sandy Lane in Wide Open is made up of 51 apartments.
A Mrs Stansfield said that in the area between Park Road West and Charles Street there were formerly a few cottages, now demolished, known as Dunnock Hill.
WHEN Catherine Thomas was looking for a light sunny home, she found the perfect property in Dunnock House in Broughton.
The dunnock, hedge sparrow or hedge accentor, is a pretty uninspiring species.
Pictured are a crow on a roof enjoying a bacon batch, a sparrow hawk with a pigeon prey and a dunnock singing in the branches on a tree with the buds just starting to show.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds says a Dunnock is: "A small brown and grey bird.
The bridleway to the main reserve turned out to be much drier than I had expected, and as we walked down, dunnock, chiffchaff and blackcap joined the chorus, which was reaching its crescendo.
Cast: Steven Skybell (Richard II/Buckingham), Christopher McCann (Richard III/Bolingbroke), Patricia Dunnock (Isabel/Lady Anne), Robert Stattel (John of Gaunt/Bishop of Carlisle/Hastings), Laurie Kennedy (Duchess of Gloucester/Duchess of York), Graham Brown (Edmund/Stanley), Brian Homer (Duke of Aumerle/Lord Grey/Tyrell), Helmar Augustus Cooper (Earl of Northumberland/Cardinal Bourchier/Brackenbury), Mark Engelhardt (Henry Percy/Marquess of Dorset), Pamela Payton-Wright (Queen Margaret), Sharon Scruggs (Queen Elizabeth), Mark Niebuhr (Mowbray/Henry); Jonathan Fried, Scott Wood, Kevin Waldron, Tom Hammond, Edward Henwood, Seth Michael May.
The Weetslade Court site, at Dunnock Place, off Sandy Lane, borders on the Weetslade Country Park, and will be the first housing scheme of its kind in the Wideopen area.
Woodpeckers, starlings, blue tits, the dunnock and house sparrows chattering in the thick brambles.
Bonser might set his budgets tighter than a drum and Merse might have flitted from idea to idea like a dunnock between twigs but it wasn't Bonser and Merson who made a string of elementary errors in defence, failed to impose themselves in midfield and missed sitters up front - too many players just didn't do their jobs well enough.
Geraldine Thompson lays on the acrylic in heavy, almost gouache style in her series of five Scottish landscapes - Dunnock Firth, Pentland Firth, Balnakell Bay and Scourie Bay (two).