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Synonyms for dunk

to plunge briefly in or into a liquid

the act of swimming

Synonyms for dunk

a basketball shot in which the basketball is propelled downward into the basket

immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate

make a dunk shot, in basketball

dip into a liquid while eating


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Shaq has actually broken basketball backboards when dunking the ball.
The back of the shirt is imprinted with the 2012 Anniversary year and the trademarked skeletal hands slam dunking a flaming basketball, available from www.
Brown's dunking skills have netted him headlines and Internet fame, but he understands there's so much more to being a successful NBA player.
In 2004, physicist Dr Len Fisher, research fellow at Bristol University, established eight seconds as the ideal dunking time for a digestive and used laws of physics to forecast a maximum possible dunking time of 14 to 20 seconds.
M&S claim their Dunking Cookies beat all-comers in the test - including traditional treats such as rich tea, digestives, ginger nuts and custard creams.
Now, however, dunking is in the mainstream and one of Britain's poshest shops -- Waitrose, no less -- has declared its verdict on the best and the worst biscuits to dunk.
After dunking, it was a soggy mess and lacked any flavour apart from the tea.
EXPERTS have solved the age-old question of which biscuit is the best for dunking in a cuppa.
The dunk contest has been a hotbed from which the Trotters have found many of their past and current dunking artists.
It was really a treat dunking for all the fans out there.
Stoudemire did a lot more flying and dunking, though it looked like he took a little off his stuff to avoid two things: One, he didn't want to move the hoop again.
SCIENTISTS yesterday unveiled a formula for dunking biscuits which avoids soggy bits collapsing in the cuppa.
Dr Fisher, a research fellow at the University of Bristol, said: "We decided to measure how strong the different biscuits were before and after dunking.
Robinson, who won the 2006 event by dunking over 1986 champ Spud Webb, used Howard as a prop this time around, slamming the ball through the hoop after leaping over the 6-11 center.