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an eater who dips food into a liquid before eating it

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a basketball player who is able to make dunk shots

an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)

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I have really enjoyed the Crimson Trace laser sight on my pistol," Dunker said.
Guessing the winner in this one will be a tough one but go with the conference with the better and more creative dunkers.
Dunker's image draws on a broader understanding of Mercier and his literary context and expresses what Dunker understood to be compelling in Mercier's vision.
A couple of the cool things about being a helo pilot and going through water-survival training with fixed-wing pilots are that you have air and they don't, and you get to do two extra dunker rides.
In his closing chapter, Dunker evinces one last time Said's contrapuntal theory from a synoptical scrutiny of his findings.
The Worcester Feast Dunker is made for dunking and can be submerged in tea or coffee for twice as long as ordinary biscuits before it breaks up.
It's during the second day of training that the pool is filled with nervous aviators awaiting their dunker ride.
Following this summary Roland Dunker spoke about Flowmeters and Dewpoint meters, explaining how BEKO make it easy for customers to find out the quality and consumption of their compressed air with BEKO's simple, accurate measuring solutions.
The speaker is Kimberly Dunker, assistant professor of nursing.
The confrontation of the 'foreign' of overseas, colonial provenance with the familiar and domestic is, according to Axel Dunker, one of those themes that can be accessed only through contrapuntal readings.
NYRA director Steven Dunker was unimpressed by the latest Bruno model.
Word around town is Eugene Phillips is the best basketball dunker in the Valley.
Born in Clinton, Ohio, McGinnis graduated from CSU-Stanislaus with a bachelor's degree in accounting and joined Modesto-based Dunker & Aced, specializing in audit and tax work.
The Army opened its first Dunker Heed Aircraft Underwater Egress training facility in Fort Rucker at the end of last year.