dunk shot

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a basketball shot in which the basketball is propelled downward into the basket

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Sempra Energy also is planning an interactive display for the arena concourse area that translates the action from sports plays -- like a basketball dunk shot -- into real energy terms.
The biggest buck that I have ever had a chance at in over 44 years of bowhunting was standing broadside about 10 yards from me with his head down, obscured by the tall grass I was sitting in--a slam dunk shot if ever there was one.
color) Kobe Bryant follows through on a breakaway dunk shot in the Lakers' season opener Tuesday at Staples Center.
Sex, gags and dunk shots mix in Douglas Carter Beane's "Lysistrata Jones," about a group of cheerleaders who decide to remain chaste to motivate their boyfriends on the Athens U.
Benneteau, one of five Frenchman to reach the last 16, got the partisan crowd going by showing off a range of slam dunk shots.
Early in the hunt, the poor fellow missed two slam dunk shots at good bucks within a span of just 15 minutes.