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Synonyms for dunghill

a foul or degraded condition

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a heap of dung or refuse

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Responding to his comment about the "civiliser's spade" and its "fetid" soil, Aurora invokes his masculine deity and a masculinized georgic to inquire of Romney's God whether "He who makes, / Can make good things from ill things, best from worst, / As men plant tulips upon dunghills when / They wish them finest?
I (his brother) gain nothing under him but growth, for the which his animals on his dunghills are as much bound to him as I" (1.
By the 18th Century the area around the castle, known as Castle Garth, was described as "in a very nasty state, there being many pigstyes, dunghills, and receptacles of filth all thereabouts", and would remain so until the early 19th Century.
Orlando persists with "His animals on his dunghills are as much bound to him as I" (14-15), and wonders whether he will have to share husks with the hogs (37).
It's easy to jest and make fun of these pathetic little people but when you suddenly switch on the light and look at them through a magnifying glass scuttling and digging among the dunghills of power you realise that these are our leaders.
Attempts at order with dunghills and cesspits made little impact on urban vileness.
May you not be swept away by the winds of racism and sectarianism raised by all the malicious, vile people who come from the dunghills of history.
It is a truism of alchemy that the philosopher's stone is found in the most unlikely places, such as dunghills.
The benign expression "different bits of the industry are aligned" is mere code for something we know all too well - that the history of racing politics has for too long been an embarrassing spectacle of too many cocks crowing on their own foetid dunghills of self-interest, an endless loop of people too stupid, stubborn and/or greedy to put aside factional obsession in the sport's common interest.
Flowers do spring up on dunghills and blossom in mud puddles.
It suited them to be the cocks on their wee domestic dunghills, but as unemployment rose throughout the Thatcher years and the traditional industries died, so too did the old attitudes.
And when anyone stands up and says isn't this just raking over the dunghills of primitive superstition, we are castigated for not having open minds.
Too often, surface and groundwater must flow through wars, famines, dumps and dunghills and be diverted to carry away the poison effluent of an increasingly industrialized, urbanized and overpopulated human society.
Ten things were said about Jerusalem: That a house sold there can be redeemed even though it's a walled city (see Leviticus 25:29-30); that it does not bring a heifer whose neck is broken (see Deuteronomy 21: 1-9); that it can never become a condemned city (see Deuteronomy 13:13-18); that its houses cannot be defiled through leprosy (see Leviticus 14:33-53); that neither beams nor balconies are allowed to project; that no dunghills are made there; that no kilns are made there; that neither gardens nor orchards are cultivated there, except for the rose gardens which existed from the days of the former prophets; that no chickens may be raised there; and that no dead person may be kept there overnight.