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Synonyms for dunghill

a foul or degraded condition

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a heap of dung or refuse

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Even in our own days, when morals are better understood, an execution, a bruising match, a riot, or a meeting of radical reformers, collects, at considerable hazard to themselves, immense crowds of spectators, otherwise little interested, except to see how matters are to be conducted, or whether the heroes of the day are, in the heroic language of insurgent tailors, flints or dunghills.
It was a hideous little street of dead wall, stables, and dunghills, with lofts over coach-houses inhabited by coachmen's families, who had a passion for drying clothes and decorating their window-sills with miniature turnpike- gates.
Derby specials Hills Fastest sectional 10 Ballymac Brogan, Crokers Champ, 12 Clares Wonder, Dunghill Rocket, Farloe Blitz, 14 Quietly, Sidarian Vega, 20 Ballymac Matt, Blue Cafu, Swift Keith, Tynwald Bish, 25 Aero Nemesis, Ballymac Vickson, Dolcino Rose, Leamaneigh Turbo, Ring Ben, Roxholme Ted, Save The Don, Slippery Fred, 33 bar (e-w 1/4 1,2,3,4).
Whereas a cultural distaste for the dunghill often rendered the practice of manuring invisible, economic insights can be gleaned by combining archaeological and textual records.
Christy's account places him in characteristic proximity to excrement in another detail: 'before I'd pass the dunghill, I'd hear himself snoring out, a loud lonesome snore he'd be making all times, the while he was sleeping, and he a man 'd be raging all times, the while he was waking, like a gaudy officer you'd hear cursing and damning and swearing oaths' (P, 22).
Providing music will be the Crowquill Nightowls, Conjugal Visitors, Alder Street Allstars, Dunghill Rooster Strutters and John Lowell Mitchell.
The worthy parts of the Bible were easily distinguishable from the worthless "as distinguishable," he later wrote in a letter to John Adams, "as diamonds in a dunghill.
Dumping in the castle ditch and Queen's Lane area continued into the early 17th Century, leading to complaints in 1620 that a huge dunghill measuring 98 yards long, 32 yards wide, and 10 yards high had developed and pushed down nearly 40m of the castle's curtain wall.
When invited to work in the industry, Man Ray refused, declaring that it would be "like asking me to set up a new religion in a country swarming with cults and temples"; but he wrote a script that Hans Richter filmed for his Surrealist omnibus Dreams That Money Can Buy; with Luis Bunuel he wrote The Sewer of Los Angeles, a scenario about a girl caught in a dunghill between the freeway and the desert; and in 1943, three years after arriving, he made an amateur short, Juliet, with his wife-to-be, in which fas in Maya Deren's seminal Meshes of the Afternoon, made the same year, also in Hollywood) two young lovers film each other.
Even as late as 1740, the authorities in Aberystwyth chastised townspeople for "lay(ing) downe their dunghill opposite their doors".
The one-man show is peppered with intriguing trivia such as this - that his father was fined for not cleaning up a dunghill outside his home, that his union with Anne Hathaway may have been a shotgun wedding, that he himself played the ghost of Hamlet's father.
His firm takes about pounds 180,000 a month for sifting through Pompey's dunghill of debt.
Yet,like flies to the dunghill we'll be drawn to the match hoping to catch a glimpse of something special,maybe even a sign things aren't as bad as many of us think.
It is true that Jefferson valued the social utility of Jesus' ethical teachings, but he compared the effort to uncover them in the gospel accounts to finding "diamonds in a dunghill.
Jacob, Maunsell, Porter, all the rag, tag and bobtail of the College School, hatched in corruption, though they still linger about the dunghill that gave them birth' " (1).