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Synonyms for dunghill

a foul or degraded condition

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a heap of dung or refuse

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Don Quixote writes to Sancho, "I will give special thanks to Heaven which raises up the poor from the dungheap.
He's been thrown on the scrapheap - or maybe that should be dungheap.
Chris Tarrant was terribly upset and would occasionally invite me back to play this character called Donnie Dungheap.
Not only does William refer to the Jew as a "son of the dungheap," as he swears, the Jewish convert also adopts language in which he speaks of his own father as a "son of the devil.
Moreover, life is a product of putrefecation, and it depends on both death and the dungheap.
It's time for the many decent, caring farmers to do something to rescue their industry's image from the dungheap.
One must presumably attribute this editorial lapse to cultural virus theory's superficial affinity with Richard Dawkins' meme concept and Daniel Dennett's (1995) description of the brain as 'a sort of dungheap in which the larvae of other peoples ideas renew themselves'.
Farmers, after all, have been making compost and using it to improve their soil's fertility ever since some ancient agriculturalist first saw weeds sprouting out of the local dungheap.
He said the new generation has to start digging out of "this dungheap of public debt we've buried you under.
Imperial delegates are hurled from a high window into a dungheap and the Thirty Years War begins.
Sadly, it sinks to the bottom of the dungheap, easily the worst blockbuster of the summer season.
They gave the pig an almighty thrashing, locked him in the boot of a car, hacked off his hair and then dumped him on a dungheap.
Yet if Al isn't king of his castle, he is of the dungheap.
The heatwave caused a giant dungheap to catch fire at a stables owned by Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts.
He becomes the talk of the dungheap as the first piglet to herd sheep.