dung beetle

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any of numerous beetles that roll balls of dung on which they feed and in which they lay eggs

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Flies and various other insects window-shopped, but only dung beetles crawled behind a floral screen to the reproductive structures.
They pitted female dung beetles against each other in a race for dung - a valuable resource that provides nutrients for their eggs.
Many scarabaeine dung beetles invest significant time and energy obtaining, moving and sequestering food resources, usually a ball of dung, in which their larvae will develop.
Gittings T, Giller PS, Stakelum G (1994) Dung decomposition in contrasting temperate pastures in relation to dung beetle and earthworm activity.
This study examines the surface morphology of dung beetle and its role in preventing adhesion of soil to its body.
The Dung Beetle Manager" is a business book aimed at those stuck in the middle, the middle management who is often stuck dealing with the tops carelessness and nonsense they are left to try to filter out to the rest of the company.
The other two candidates, dung beetle Winston Dunghill and millipede Milli P.
Haven't we already had eight years of a president who "thinks" with his gut and expects the rest of us to behave like dung beetle larvae?
What the neighbor's dog left on your lawn may annoy and disgust you, but to a dung beetle it's pure heaven.
Encouraged by her husband because of her concern for the planet, Julie bravely signed up for pond-dipping, seagulltagging, dung beetle hunting and even abseiling.
IN The Moviegoer (MG), The Last Gentleman (LG), Love in the Ruins (LR), and The Thanatos Syndrome (TS), Walker Percy uses the unlikely images of a dung beetle, bowel movements, the deaths of children, and even genocide to express the sacramental presence of God in the often traumatic mess of human existence.
While the beetle fauna at this locality possessed the least diversity of the three canyon sites, it is notable that the dung beetle, Canthon imitator Brown, which was present at each of the canyon sites, was present at Lower Spring in greater numbers than any other beetle species at any locality.
ABC WANTS TO LAUGH: In the 1996 French documentary (don't give up on this entry yet, it gets better) ``Microcosmos,'' we behold a dung beetle (See?