dune buggy

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a recreational vehicle with large tires used on beaches or sand dunes

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They were in the dune buggy with me and I hopped over, like, basically a jump with a six or seven foot drop on the other side.
Guided dune buggy tours are available through Sand Dunes Frontier, located at the same site as Torex ATV and open from 9 a.
From left, the view from the balcony at the Riu Palace Macao hotel, the presidential palace in Santo Domingo, and dune buggy riding along Juanillo beach, Punta Cana
He was a member of the Harvard Sportsmen's Club, the Lunenburg Sportsmen's Club, serving as Vice President, the Gardner Rifle and Pistol Club, the state Rifle and Pistol Club, the National Rifle Association, the Dune Buggy Association and the Order of Free and Accepted Masons.
They compare consumer and professional fitness monitoring devices during a dune buggy ride, test high-end compact cameras in Dubai and try out a solar barbecue - although the food is not to everyone''s taste.
Riding a quad bike or a dune buggy was not permitted after sunset this season, as part of strict rules for off-road vehicles following fatal accidents in previous years.
His brush with the law came about after he helped a boy who shattered his skull when he crashed a petrol-powered dune buggy.
However, riding a quad bike or a dune buggy is not permitted after sunset.
Such is the case for the Compliant Car Builders Association headed by Kit Enger, an association of dune buggy manufacturers who banded together diligently trying to comply with bureaucratic mandates placed on their industry by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
Eight events are included: canoe, cricket, disc golf, dune buggy, water rocket, rugby, football and surfing.
In an effort to make his team bond, coach Raymond Domenech has organized a host of exotic activities such as a hike up a glacier, mountain biking and even a dune buggy race.
Summary: William Gallas has escaped serious injury after crashing while taking part in a dune buggy race at France's World Cup training camp.
A Wired News report describes the SkyCar a new twist on the powered parachute, and as the result of an unholy union between a dune buggy and a paraglider.
As part of Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), Al Bustan Centre and Residence - a deluxe property which offers world-class services and facilities in the city, is offering its customers fabulous savings and a chance to win a brand new Dune Buggy at Fantasy Kingdom.
Dan has recently completed a police advanced driving course, so he ought to do well in a game steering a dune buggy.