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Synonyms for dune

Synonyms for dune

a ridge of sand created by the wind


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Elevated water levels are also likely to reach and erode sand dunes along two thirds of the Maryland coastline with less than 5 percent of the coastal dunes being overwashed.
The rover scooped up the dark sand with its arm to cap off its investigation of the dunes and has partially analyzed it, according to NASA's (https://www.
Though I'd been acclimating to the altitude for several weeks, ascending Star Dune took my breath away.
Dune Medical Devices is a privately held company with offices in the US and Israel.
The pursuit of national park status for the dunes first materialized in the 1920s out of concern about onsite gold mining operations in the area.
Summary: The soft opening of Dunes by Al Nahda, a luxury resort at Wadi Abyad sand dunes, brings the beauty and wildness of the Omani desert closer to your doorstep.
The closing of the asset sale followed the 10 July 2015 Bankruptcy Court Order approving the sale of certain Dune assets to White Marlin pursuant to the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement by and between Dune and White Marlin dated June 24, 2015.
Martin Williams, of Port Talbot Coastguard, said: "T ""People need to realise that if they are going to go into the sand dunes they need to be careful.
The document goes on to say that "There is evidence that the dunes have begun to re-establish through natural processes.
The sound of the board rubbing against the dune adds to your excitement.
The scientists, who worked in the remote Tengger desert of Inner Mongolia, used a bulldozer to flatten 160,000 square metres of sand dunes in 2008 and over the next three-and-a-half years, they watched the dunes rebuild by closely tracking the winds.
Dune Star Camp in Gondwana Namib Park opened early in December and the first guests were thrilled.
Citizens equipped with an understanding of the processes that change the face of a beach and its dune features can make better choices about reducing damage from storms and sea level rise.
In computer simulations of crashing dunes, barchans arranged themselves into patterns found in nature--evidence that collisions control dune field behavior, the team concludes August 7 in Geophysical Research Letters.
Summary: DUBAI - Dune London, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in late 2012, has opened its largest store in the world in The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai.