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There's a hard core of dunderheads - at least 30%, likely even more - who are a drag on what America is supposed to be about.
But it's not the horse, sixth behind Makfi at Newmarket on his only start of 2010, who is the villain, but the dunderheads among us who prematurely declared him the Second Coming WORKFORCE'S ARC IT'S such a shame Sir Michael Stoute can't resist sticking up two fingers at the racing press, because he is truly a master of his trade.
A less disturbing construction preserved the image of South African consensuality by isolating and demonising a "rogue minority of xenophobes"--"a few self-hating dunderheads and bigots" (Editorial, Sowetan, 14 May 2008)--who were positioned outside of the sanctioned nation.
After all, if nothing else, we are used to blatantly obvious hypocrisy from the thundering dunderheads.
Paul Fleischman (text) The Dunderheads Candlewick, 2009 56pp $27.
Author Paul Fleischman, whose many honors include the 1989 Newbery Medal for "Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices," takes the nasty teacher caricature to the extreme in "The Dunderheads.
Keep all this in mind when these dunderheads come up for re-election.
What sort of message does the treatment by these dunderheads to a visitor to our region send out?
THE dunderheads who have ruled that Learco Chindamo should not be deported to Italy after he has completed his sentence for murdering schoolmaster Philip Lawrence has increased the case for the abolition of many of Britain's pointless quangos.
All this might have been excusable had the dunderheads who run the national pastime simply ensured that the best teams compete in the postseason.
There are, believe it or not, dunderheads out there prepared to bet on this piffle and the book for the big event opens at 9.
But he complains "For me and other dunderheads you might have explained in Answers and Solutions the nature of the wordplay in 'Battus in Wonderland'.
Very sophisticated, and so original--during World War I, sauerkraut was renamed Liberty cabbage by the forefathers of the current dunderheads.
So well done to those dunderheads who jeer and boo players for no apparent reason.
Does it exalt dunderheads, cowards, trimmers, frauds, cads?