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Getting the financial side to work was a different proposition, particularly under the dunderheaded and doomed Maxwell regime of the late '80s, which actually attempted to reduce the overseas circulation British Gas didn't approve apparently.
They wish we would just shut up and go away, but they keep making movies like `Gigli' and `The Cat in the Hat' and `Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' and `The Real Cancun' - and my personal favorite, `From Justin to Kelly,' a brilliantly dunderheaded little movie.
To add insult to his dunderheaded approach, the good professor has had to take a humiliating backward step after people well versed in the rules of the football jungle - Mandic and Liverpool chief executive, Rick Parry - exposed McKenzie's ramblings as so much inane hot air.
It's not a simple matter of the dunderheaded federal government taking water away from farmers.
But if the temptation to regard Murakami as yet another metastasis of the Pop consciousness is, in the most obvious, dunderheaded way, "correct," it fails to account for the artist's specificity--in short, his originality.
Anyone who has spent time in the bleak maze of tract housing known as suburban Calgary--an arid developer's grid strewn with 7-11s, Co-op stores, ranch-style bungalows and ersatz cowboy culture--would have recognized the featureless canvas on which Burns's teen protagonists played out their dunderheaded dramas.
His impersonation of a dunderheaded conservative TV personality has won him seven primetime Emmy Awards on Comedy Central.
That's because, if the stories are true, his stock has fallen quite drastically in recent times, no doubt something to do with the fact that he insists on publicly auditioning imbeciles each year before invariably picking the most dunderheaded of their number to work for him.
THE dunderheaded panic merchants at Blackburn Rovers who sacked Paul Ince without giving him a chance are British.
These are people who already spend their day pondering dunderheaded ways to re-cast society in their own sub-mental image without any prompting from me so I reckon they'll jump at the chance to do it for some money.
An entire class of people, but as a former TV writer I can't help myself: Television executives are by and large a deeply dunderheaded lot.
Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest have never been better than as the dunderheaded British musicians who keep snatching rock 'n' roll triumph - in their own minds, anyway - out of abject embarrassment.
You could apply the same logic to employing labour - and Monty Waldin's dunderheaded decision to choose an assistant who would make good TV, rather than somebody who might be of some actual assistance, comes back to bite him on the bum tonight.
Fairly dunderheaded I'm sure you'll agree, but no more so than when Geordie presenter Donna Air asked well-known brother and sister band The Corrs how they first met, or Zoe Ball who, when told someone had made a match stick model of the Arms Park, said: "Wow, amazing.
Unfortunately however the other personal juke boxes fixed to the wall are there for decoration and don't actually work - something your dunderheaded author only discovered after putting in a pound coin and spending 10 minutes making an elaborate but ultimately non-existent selection.