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Is it age merely, a dunderheaded sense the past was better somehow--that glimmering mirage glimpsed from a rearview mirror as the mist ahead parts to reveal the yawning ledge where the road should be, all distance closing fast?
In the SJR story announcing the Sun's planned September 1989 debut, Ingersoll made what I considered a dunderheaded pronouncement.
The House That George Built, as the author himself points out straightaway, isn't a book for hairsplitting academics, though only the most dunderheaded PhDs would question Sheed's breadth of knowledge.
This is the new film from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, who brought us the witty zombie spoof Shaun of the Dead and now have dunderheaded action movies like Point Break and Bad Boys H caught in their cross hairs.
There are, however, a whole lot of dunderheaded adaptations of Chekhov's plays, such as the one I--and many others--first read in college by the artistically named Constance Garnett.
Furthermore, if you happen to live in a constituency with a fair chance of a change, then even the most dunderheaded of candidates might even give you an intelligent answer.
Getting the financial side to work was a different proposition, particularly under the dunderheaded and doomed Maxwell regime of the late '80s, which actually attempted to reduce the overseas circulation British Gas didn't approve apparently.
They wish we would just shut up and go away, but they keep making movies like `Gigli' and `The Cat in the Hat' and `Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' and `The Real Cancun' - and my personal favorite, `From Justin to Kelly,' a brilliantly dunderheaded little movie.
To add insult to his dunderheaded approach, the good professor has had to take a humiliating backward step after people well versed in the rules of the football jungle - Mandic and Liverpool chief executive, Rick Parry - exposed McKenzie's ramblings as so much inane hot air.
It's not a simple matter of the dunderheaded federal government taking water away from farmers.
But if the temptation to regard Murakami as yet another metastasis of the Pop consciousness is, in the most obvious, dunderheaded way, "correct," it fails to account for the artist's specificity--in short, his originality.
Anyone who has spent time in the bleak maze of tract housing known as suburban Calgary--an arid developer's grid strewn with 7-11s, Co-op stores, ranch-style bungalows and ersatz cowboy culture--would have recognized the featureless canvas on which Burns's teen protagonists played out their dunderheaded dramas.
He praises what Sagan calls sciences error-correction machinery", and scientists, open-mindedness to new ideas, but whereas Sagan merely concedes that ego problems sometimes arise, Gould describes vividly how an old guard can shower new theories with decades of dunderheaded vituperation before seeing the light.
What this should suggest, I want to argue, is an institutional reason why we can observe these dunderheaded doctrines of constitutional law -- doctrines that have no apparent connection with underlying constitutional values, but that nonetheless seem to persist.
Along with the depictions of medieval life, Jabberwocky starred a fellow Python member, Michael Palin, who played an optimistic but dunderheaded cooper's apprentice mistakenly tasked with slaying a monster.