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Of course, nine times out of ten a prepubescent dunderhead is a dunderhead for life.
Guest artist Kenneth Larson was a dunderhead of an Albrecht, whose partnering in both acts was courtly and supportive despite the unreliable conducting of Niel DePonte.
Gerrard argues that the Patriots were not labouring under a misapprehension when they focused on Frederick as a potential figure-head for a patriotic cultural regeneration, that descriptions of him as a pretentious dunderhead were mistaken and that he was an exceptionally cultured Prince of Wales.
Elsewhere, dunderhead Jimmy and temptress Tracy end up kissing when Bernice's plan to humiliate the former porn star end up backfiring.
Here, the dunderhead duo head off on a daffy adventure driven by the fact Harry (Daniels) needs a new kidney and the only donor might be a daughter (Rachel Melvin) he never knew he had.
Spiky Nicola and dunderhead Jimmy are hardly the kind of midwives you need in an emergency
22 Jump Street is as 22 Jump Street is as preposterous and laugh-out-loud funny as its predecessor, engineering new perils for the dunderhead double-act as they solve the case with characteristic toe-curling awkwardness.
If I think both are dunderheads, I pick the lesser dunderhead and vote for that person.
Contending with wicked witches and fire-breathing dragons would probably pass the time quite nicely, but when your reward is spending the rest of your days with a dunderhead prince who looks in the mirror too much, I'd rather stick with fiefdom.
Davies is probably best known as the much-loved resident dunderhead on QI or the star of iconic television series Jonathan Creek.
THE versatile Lee Mack pops up again here to bolster the return of QI - giving Alan Davies a run for his money in the dunderhead stakes.
The supporting cast has a ball, notably Mark Wahlberg, who pokes gentle fun at his image as a dunderhead with a rippling six-pack.
Thus it was with a large dollop of self-consciousness that I - a shy and retiring creature, as any of my colleagues would testify - sat at one of Urban Pie's outdoor tables after hunger overwhelmed me while mooching around the Bull Ring (or 'Bullring' as its dunderhead developers insisted on rebranding it).
It canonly beamatter of time before some dimwit gives the great dunderhead his own chat show.
The dunderhead duo go on a road trip to a science conference where she is speaking, leading to scattershot moments of slapstick humour.