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a cone-shaped paper hat formerly placed on the head of slow or lazy pupils

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And once the legal niceties are sorted out they should be booted out of our education system with dunces caps pulled over their incompetent heads.
Your wife/husband/partner/nominated carer should have sewed name tags into new ties and gym kits, one of the few rituals to have survived the draconian liberalism that did for classroom dunces caps, asbestos shower blocks, the nit nurse and the headmaster's slipper.
The city council, with regard to development of the city, should have its officers wearing dunces caps and paraded round the city.
Nor it will be the first time that Warwickshire have left Whitgift with dunces caps on their heads.
LIVERPOOL boss Gerard Houllier handed Michael Owen a gold star yesterday - and the the rest of team-mates dunces caps.