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Phillips says I'm the worst dunce he ever saw at it.
George was a great dunce, but no matter for that; all men do not thrive in the world according to their learning.
WATFORD 2 NORWICH 0 THEY are confounding the dunces who thought Watford's only effective double act in the Premier League would be Null and Void.
I had written a middle-grade comedy novel called Dunces Anonymous, and I hadn't been able to find a publisher for it.
There were many different punishments on Victorian day like the dreaded dunces cap.
EXCLUSIVE by MIKE WALTERS ENGLAND'S dunces have rejected Sir Geoff Hurst's 1966 World Cup shirt to inspire the Three Lions - because it is too valuable.
This is a preposterous scheme that, in effect, creates a charter for dunces by rewarding failure.
Because the education of our children is too important to be left in the hands of dunces.
Further insight into the development of A Confederacy of Dunces may come by comparing Lyly's flamboyant and affected style, which came to be known as Euphuism, to the ostentatious speech and mannerisms of Toole's Ignatius J.
DIY dunces and do-it-alls are invited to learn more about house construction on an eight-week course in January.
When it comes to finances, some people are experts and others are complete dunces.
SAT nav systems are apparently turning us all into a nation of map reading dunces according to new reasearch from the British Cartographic Society.
COMPUTER dunces are being invited to enrol on a beginners' course at a centre in Holbrooks, Coventry.
THE DUNCES OF DOOMSDAY: 10 BLUNDERS THAT GAVE RISE TO RADICAL ISLAM, TERRORIST REGIMES AND THE THREAT OF AN AMERICAN HIROSHIMA is no general treasure but hones in on ten major errors which have left security holes in the United States.
Ken & Thelma; the story of A Confederacy of dunces.