dunce's cap

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a cone-shaped paper hat formerly placed on the head of slow or lazy pupils

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It has become de rigueur to paint those who scratch their heads and wonder about the general sanity of 9/ll-era decision making into a corner and put dunce caps on their heads.
They should have been sent to the corner with dunce caps on their heads.
Here we see, systematically organized and glossed all the iconographic conventions: Jews with horns, Jews with dunce caps, Jews leering at Christian women, Jews drinking the blood of ritually sacrificed Christian children.
none of Augustine's colleagues have yet been frog-marched through the streets in dunce caps to be jeered at by the populace.
Finally, in the Options Cocktail's most anticipated segment, "Heroes and Zeros" the market wizards opine about their stand-out candidates for diplomas and dunce caps.
In the other, sloppy teaching is enhanced by the non-consensual public exclamation of numerical dunce caps.
The state Democratic Party took note of that, posting five people wearing dunce caps outside the Reagan Library.