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having a dun color

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Why then, are these same tasters transported into ecstasy by this humble, dun-colored beer from Oregon?
Quite unprepossessing hills resembling dun-colored slag heaps send a frisson of joy down the spines of these otherwise serious-minded men who feel, as one long-term expat geologist muttered to me at a social gathering, "I really prefer rocks to people.
Page 3 contains a larger, dun-colored square over the word "Unstated.
However, in the moment I eased alongside that semi with the dun-colored background and eye-catching red and gold logo--would-be emblem of hard work, leisure, pure water, Clydesdales, and the working-class American Dream--the advertisement became a looking glass reflecting what had become grotesque in America, what had twisted in my own soul.
Housed within the EMU's dun-colored walls of tenting are surgical facilities, a lab, X-ray equipment, a pharmacy, and more.
They were looking for advice from store personnel on ways to mount and preserve the dun-colored piece that featured the date of its creation, a poem, a cabin flanked by flowers and Christanna's name.
Dada's dun-colored short dresses on the women and doublets over tights for the men proved to be the most successful costume ensemble of the evening
Another, thicker stream spreads into rivulets which leave their burdens of scrap at a series of neatly spaced anthills; dun-colored domes with regularly spaced portals, for more workers.
The dun-colored soil is weighed down by cloud-laden, but otherwise azure, skies and wind turbines -- one of the products manufactured by the Swiss firm Tuboly-Astronic AG, as coincidence would have it.
What one notices first are the broad swaths of blue sky; the dun-colored Rio Grande River, wending sluggishly across the diptych Untitled (Boquillas del Carmen, Big Bend National Park), 2009; and the striated rock faces of Untitled (Santa Elena Canyon), 2010.
Two giant yellow earthmoving vehicles provided a backdrop on the hard, flat field of dun-colored stubble.
He's convinced those dun-colored hillsides can again be turned green.
This tiny, dun-colored owl once was found throughout the West in prairie and desert scrublands.
The beige and dun-colored wash is transformed by the artist's application of a single yellow blotch.
A dun-colored haze around the edges of the frame contributes to the sense of a tarnished vision, the image of a time and place shrouded in neglect.