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Battered by business interests, jumped upon by enthusiasts, and blamed for everything that goes wrong, web engineers have enough to flinch about without having to cope with slipshod design and dumpy deliverables.
Plenty of comedy was on offer: two buxom and dumpy Ugly Sisters, a very camp Dancing Master (brilliantly performed by Gennady Yanin), and a Prince Charming who makes his entrance at the ball by sliding down the banister of a huge staircase.
What she's working on: Plays a dumpy, small-town pothead in ``The Hawk Is Dying,'' which recently screened at Sundance to horrible reviews.
Now Hyundai is replacing the bookends of its car squad with a clean-sheet renewal of the entry-level Accent and a new vehicle, the Azera, an up-to-date replacement for the dumpy XG350, the company's first attempt at a luxury car.
Brand New You (Five, 8pm) A 45-year-old woman from Halifax, who feels dumpy and frumpy, undergoes plastic surgery and a style overhaul in the hope of turning back the clock and ridding her of the prominent moles and crooked nose that have embarrassed her for decades.
In the premiere episode, which aired January 11, the Los Angeles-based Gal Pals take on Rebecca, who's shown on her 30th birthday hiding her model-beautiful looks under dumpy clothes and living in a dorm room-like dump.
Exhibits celebrating how the Belgians "stopped slavery" in the Congo, golden statues representing Europeans delivering "civilization" and "justice," poorly lit dioramas brimming with dumpy animals collapsing under the weight of the straw they were stuffed with back in simpler times: It all brings to mind the museum scene in Chris Marker's La Jetee.
One died, but the rest seem dumpy, although they are alive.
Cyncoed councillor Owen Pryce said: ``I think anybody who looks at it will find it to be rather squat and dumpy and that it does not add much to the local scene.
Skatboy was two or three kids from the dumpy street spot I hurt myself at.
As the dumpy, balding, middle-aged man entered the Cape Town courtroom, one spectator cried, "Viva, John
Well he is short, not a good dresser, dumpy and balding.
These spaces are housed in a pair of dumpy, single-storey barn-like structures, linked by a covered walkway that forms a sitting-out space.
Cordua had always loved to cook, so he took his severance package and in 1988 started a restaurant called Churrascos in a dumpy neighborhood in Houston.
Thank you, Humpty Dumpy readers, for choosing me Vegetable of the Year.