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Synonyms for dumping

the act of getting rid of something useless or used up

Words related to dumping

selling goods abroad at a price below that charged in the domestic market

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Akkar is suffering from a chronic problem related to the random dumping of trash.
And this battle was an unequal one because dumping at refuse dumps was done and is done almost for free, while the correct management of materials costs.
He said the role of the Technical Secretariat for Anti-Dumping is to apply the law and investigate cases of dumping.
Though the idea that there is something inherently unfair or unjust about dumping has been entrenched in U.
Businesses and their advisers engage in SUTA dumping to illegally reduce unemployment insurance rates.
If the process is planned thoroughly before implementation, it can result in significant savings for the foundry, both in terms of dumping costs and new sand purchases.
Sources have confirmed that officers from the elite CAB met with senior government officials this week to thrash out how to put an end to illegal dumping.
The ITC's investigation has served as a warning to foreign producers: If you're a foreigner dumping steel into this country and you continue to do it, you're stupid.
PT Krakatau Steel has a good opportunity to escape anti dumping sanction by the U.
Some of the priests have testified at our hearings about how this dumping is destroying the earth.
Article VI of GATT defines dumping as a situation in which '.
As early as 1973, EPA was requiring dumpers to investigate alternatives to ocean dumping; however, Federal Court rulings on cases brought by the dumpers in 1981 allowed dumping to continue.
No consideration has been given by Waste Management or others as to how those residents feel about becoming the dumping grounds for the city of Los Angeles.
Actual results may differ from these forward looking statements due to numerous factors, including estimated time of completion of cases, potential markets for the materials produced, market forces in other countries, domestic markets, international exchange rates, domestic pricing of steel products, level of potential dumping duties, action by international steel producers and traders, effect of U.
If you are not yet aware of groundwater contamination, but are concerned that a nearby user may be dumping hazardous substances into the sewers, placing your property at risk, make the sewage system aware of your concern, in writing.