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Synonyms for dumping

the act of getting rid of something useless or used up

Words related to dumping

selling goods abroad at a price below that charged in the domestic market

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Under WTO, anti dumping law has been coded in one agreement called the AD agreement.
The workshop also explains key steps to combat dumping in Gulf markets.
Akkar is suffering from a chronic problem related to the random dumping of trash.
And this battle was an unequal one because dumping at refuse dumps was done and is done almost for free, while the correct management of materials costs.
He said the role of the Technical Secretariat for Anti-Dumping is to apply the law and investigate cases of dumping.
Even when foreign firms are confident of winning a dumping case, they may not want to go through the effort and expense to defend themselves in what is rightly seen as a biased process.
The group says a loophole in sanctuary rules allows dumping as long as boats use Coast Guard-approved marine toilets.
In the Gorwa industrial area of the city of Vadodara, Hema Chemicals had been dumping 77,000 metric tons of highly carcinogenic hexavalent chromium waste over the past 20 years or so, according to the Gujarat Pollution Control Board.
Given a better budget situation in California, the Employment Development Department would plaster "No Dumping" signs at businesses statewide to help build awareness and curb the illegal practice of state unemployment tax avoidance, or SUTA dumping.
Figure 1 shows a dump trailer that rolled over while the hoist cylinder was fully extended and the vehicle was dumping a load.
Like the situation in New York, cost and other factors, such as transport and dumping concerns, have played into the decision on whether to continue a recycling program.
The cover is partially removed during the day for the dumping of waste, and at the end of the day the cover is replaced, trapping the methane gas that is eventually extracted, cleaned and sold.
Bag dump stations are available for dumping powders, pellets and other dusty bulk granular materials into process systems.
Sources have confirmed that officers from the elite CAB met with senior government officials this week to thrash out how to put an end to illegal dumping.
The ITC's investigation has served as a warning to foreign producers: If you're a foreigner dumping steel into this country and you continue to do it, you're stupid.