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truck whose contents can be emptied without handling

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The first happened on Wednesday, April 16, when two dumper trucks were set alight.
One policeman was supervising the operation, with two diggers and two dumper trucks clearing the pebbles.
Many of the cast members will arrive on dumper trucks for Thursday's premiere to re-enact the film's climatic chase scene.
A TEAM of young jazz musicians from across Warwickshire are swopping their instruments for dumper trucks in the name of charity.
Within days of buying a licence from Nicholson, a Sunday People investigator was offered a job at a quarry driving a dumper truck despite never having been near one in his life.
On Thursday, May 10, two 35-tonne Volvo dumper trucks were stolen from an open cast site in Crossgates, Fife.
Neil died in a mine owned by Scottish Coal where, despite a close call on a nearby site in 2005, when a Land Rover driver jumped free shortly before it was crushed by a dumper truck, the firm's record has been woeful.
DUMPER trucks sufficiently roadworthy to use public roads should still be categorised as off-road dump trucks if that is the main purpose of their design, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.
This involves up to five examiners training operators in the use of heavy plant, such as excavators, dumper trucks and rollers used in the construction and minerals industries.
CHILDREN as young as 13 caused thousands of pounds of damage to buildings in a new university construction site - after careering around in dumper trucks.
By mid afternoon, several tonnes of white, tennis ball sized rocks were waiting to be loaded by two diggers into two dumper trucks.
At least half a dozen big dumper trucks have been parked on this ground for the past week, robbing the badly needed parking space for employees and visitors to various offices in the area.
Now the association is hoping someone can lend them two dumper trucks to ferry the puddle clay to the dam.
Other things to catch on were Charlie Mack Lesney's Matchbox Toys, such as dumper trucks and delivery wagons.
Dumper trucks disposed of the body parts by taking them to a landfill site in Dorset.