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When interviewed, the dog said: 'Zank you for spoiling ze surprise, dummkopf - but I vood rather haff had ein kilo of zozzages, ein packet ov crisps, und ein roll in pigscheidt - und she could haff saved $995.
jabalak 'Spassvogel, drolliger Mensch; schwer von Begriff, Einfaltspinsel, Dummkopf, ein Mensch mit wenig Scharfsinn; Eule' (Paasonen 1990-1999) (< tat.
After all, even a dummkopf can figure out that readers of Oui magazine are more likely to want to hear about orgies than no-orgies--just as readers of the Los Angeles Times are more likely to want to hear about sex-scandals than no-sex scandals--or no scandals at all.
Ich ben ein dummkopf mit scornen mein legs and admiren mein antlers.