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Dog Basics For Dummies is the answer to every dog owner's prayers," gWhiz co-founder Kevin Reville says.
Amanda Harris, a nursery nurse with the Goitre Family project which covers Gurnos, Galon Uchaf and Penydarren, said: ``A lot of children come to us, even school age, and they still have their dummies.
DUMMIES used by night clubbers could harm or even kill babies, it was warned today.
And so today, I write in praise of dummies, comforters, pacifiers, call them what you will.
David Palmer, Publisher of For Dummies books commented, "The demand for e-books has been growing exponentially since we launched our first For Dummies e-books.
John Kilcullen sensed he was onto something when he overheard a frustrated computer user tell a salesman he wanted a simple, understandable software primer, ``Something like DOS for dummies.
To learn more about Dummies Month deals, go to: http://www.
Kora Rose, Tamworth, Staffs #Children are ready to give up dummies at different times and ages, so Mum and Dad will know when it's best.
The NHS Choices website says parents "should avoid using dummies after 12 months of age to prevent speech development problems".
This drill requires two highly-visible dummies and a mowed lawn, and is designed to encourage memory development.
Neath Port Talbot Flying Start has launched a campaign this month to stop children over the age of three becoming so reliant on their dummies.
Dad's Guide to Pregnancy for Dummies, second edition
Developing crash-test dummies is a core focus of the automotive industry dedicated to improving the protection of passengers and pedestrians.
IT MIGHT sound a dumb question, but where would you shop for, well, dummies.
It is a simple narrative about the wonderful life discarded dummies can have in Dummy Land.