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a soft-nosed small-arms bullet that expands when it hits a target and causes a gaping wound

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A FORMER airport security officer who sparked an alert when he flew into London from America carrying dumdum bullets in his jacket pocket was jailed for nine months yesterday.
But the jury took just over an hour to reject his protestations of innocence and unanimously convict him of possessing prohibited ammunition -the dumdums -possessing three further bullets without a firearms certificate and having various types of ammunition on him without lawful authority or reasonable excuse during the flight.
Mr Aina said: "You are not allowed to have dumdums under any circumstances, unless you have the permission of the Secretary of State.
Real dumdums would not likely be available to a policeman in Canada in 1918, and would not fit Campbell's .
Idlewild will co-headline -- with Catatonia, Toploader, Dumdums, and Wheatus -- a special benefit concert at the Evening News Arena in Manchester on April 28, in support of the Unison Living Wage campaign.